"Conversations" ft. Gus & Constantine G   

"Pita Barz"


"Hold Me Down"


Bullet Brak: "Brocky Balboa"

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"Bad B!$ches" by Juicy J, produced by Corey Black


"Trunk Hustle 2"


The 9th Inning" Download it now!

"I'm Sayin" ~ from The 9th Inning


Tracks from Corey Black #cbt


"In My Zone" - BBS


 Bullet Brak appeared LIVE with other DMV area Hip Hop artists on the Sway In The Morning Show, SHADE 45



  Bullet Brak is listed in article "DC Chillin':15 DMV Artist You Need to Know"  April 18, 2013 


MUSIC from Big Freeze of BBS

 MixCD * "Thinkin' Out Loud" WTDT III



"Got It" by Bullet Brak ft. MistahFAB



       In 2009, Instant Classic Entertainment began its journey as an independent record label.  They began to blaze a trail in the underground hip hop community with their lead off act, Bullet Brak.  After several releases in the mixtape circuit, I.C. Entertainment made their debut with a digital release entitled “The Invasion” by Bullet Brak.  With rave reviews, I.C. Entertainment started to build a solid buzz in the industry through hard work and dedication to what is important about the craft; creating quality music with original sound.  I.C. Entertainment has built its roster by adding artist and producer Corey Black. This addition has added star power to give I.C. Entertainment even more reason to cause a stir in the industry.  During the summer of 2010, I.C. Entertainment landed two acts on a 12 city Historical Black College Tour, which included the “Magic City Classic,” in Birmingham, Alabama.

         I.C. Entertainment is dedicated to and specializes in creating state of the art sound with original compositions using professional production and recording.


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